Tips for Financing Your Home

There are very important considerations to evaluate before you commit to financing your new home. We are here to help you learn more about successfully navigating this process.

Utilize a lender with established ties to an agent
Lenders are much more flexibe with the real estate agents who have done business with them previously. This relationship establishes them as a team member. In this way, we can help to make substantial difference in setting up the most economical financing.

Don't attempt paperwork alone
All the paperwork required to complete the purchase of a home can be quite intimidating and frustrating for a home buyer. Rely on your lender to help you with all the paperwork. Their expertise will help alleviate the stress and it will prove to be invaluable before you sign your mortgage.

Look at all your options
Make sure you see at least three loan programs for your mortgage. Lenders have many programs and should work with you on deciding what is best for your circumstances.

Negotiate a flexible loan
If you negotiate a variable rate loan, many lenders have the ability to move you into a fixed loan if rates start going up. Make sure that you understand whether or not that is an option in the package you are considering.

Don't wait for the bottom of the market
You're better off simply negotiating the best rate and terms you can at the time you find a property. If interest rates go down, you can refinance. This is a much better approach because you won't miss out on the property you've spent so much time locating.

Be honest with your lender
The more information you provide your lender, the easier it will be for them to get an approval. It helps them present the loan in the best light. This in turn helps the loan get the highest approval rating.

Get pre-qualified
By getting pre-qualified, you know exactly what financial parameters to stay within. We will consult with you and your lender to ensure you are qualified for the loan that best fits your needs.