Simple Home Improvements

The ability to reap additional profits on the sale of your home can be accomplished easily enough by making simple home improvements that are both easy and inexpensive.  

The magic of mirrors
Mirrors can provide a greater sense of space and elegance. When placed properly throughout your home, each area will seem larger to the potential home buyer. Try looking in your attic or basement for old mirrors and spruce up the frame with a new coat of paint. You may also want to visit a local flea market or garage sale, you can often find a mirror for a great deal.

Adding organized closet space
One of the biggest complaints heard from potential buyers is that there just isn't enough closet space. Simply purchasing an inexpensive closet organizer and installing it in any or all of your closets can make all the difference.

Make a bare wall beautiful
Wallpaper is inexpensive and easy to do. The right wallpaper can brighten the room or hallway and bring it back to life. Choose something with a neutral design or pattern since this decor will appeal to the most buyers.

Go green
Having plants in the house is not only healthy for you but you can create a fresh, clean feeling with them. Most plants are inexpensive and easy to care for. Best of all, you can take them with you to your new home.

Clean up the bathroom
Give your bathroom a face-lift if needed. Fresh paint, some decorative moldings, tile grout, new designer faucets are attractive eye catchers.

What is that smell?
People don't like to admit it but everyone's home has a certain smell to it. We just never notice because we live with it all day. Strategically placing fresh scent devices throughout the home will be pleasant to the nose of any potential buyer.